January 8th, 2008

Gay Sydney

Researching the Gay Guide To Sydney today.

Was interested to find out that:

1. Their main pride event is called "The Sleaze Ball."

2. Their gay beach is called "Lady Jane."

3. Their man sex club is called "The Probe."

I'm trying to imagine all of those said in an Australian accent.

Fabulous For Dummies

The University of Michigan is offering a three credit course in how to be gay.

They note that this is "not an introductory course" and say that "It assumes some background knowledge."

It does say, however, that it will teach you about "initiation."

What do you think the labs are like?

Imagine having to tell your parents you failed the class: "Not only is my son gay - he's bad at it!"

Other obvious jokes:

"Man, this class really blows!"

"Before the final, you've got to pull an all nighter."

"You really don't want to be at the bottom of the class."

"You have to have balls to take that course!"

"The homework is really hard!"

"The oral exams are a real bitch!"