January 7th, 2008

Jungle Fever

Men hungry for sex besieged a Brooklyn woman with phone calls after spotting a bogus ad on Craigslist that said she was looking to turn tricks to pay off Christmas debt.

Anna O'Malley, 40, was stunned to learn someone with the e-mail address igotjunglefever@gmail.com posted an ad Jan. 2 offering sex for cash using her name and telephone number.

"I'm a hardworking, honest person and I would never in my life post an ad like that," said O'Malley, who was awakened last week to more than a dozen calls.

The callers were responding to the racy ad, which read: "I'm a real hottie looking to earn extra cash to pay off Christmas debt."

The data entry specialist had to change her phone number.

Gay Montreal

I'm doing the Montreal Gay Guide today and am surprised to find out that:

1. There is a section of town officially named "Gay Village."

2. There are as many gay bars in Montreal as there are in San Franscico (some sites suggest there may even be more.)

3. The most popular gay bar is called KOX. (sound it out.)

4. One of the male strip clubs has a live webcam.

The Whole World's Out Of Sync

Listening to the Go Go's Greatest hits for the past few days it suddenly occured to me - this band couldn't exist in 2007.

There is no way that nice upbeat pop like this would be released by any record company. Some studio executive would suggest sexing it up - totally missing the point that the innocence of these lyrics where girls pine over their boyfriends while they are on vacation or don't quite trust themselves when they have crushes or are just happy to see and feel the beat of regular people in the world around them is much, much sexier than anyone singing about lady lumps or how uninnocent they are.

These days they'd never let these girls just be girls seperate from the cynacism or emo bullshit or fake lesbian posing that is modern music. The Go Go's weren't tough girls. They were cute babes in ripped prom dresses who somehow knew how to write and play really great music. The Go Go's were not competing with guy rock bands, they were simply being themselves in an honest way that doesn't seem to exist anymore.

The record companies today would kill that beautiful instinct in a heartbeat.

Then, they'd want to lay down a drum machine or some sort of sampling into the music so it would play better at clubs. That jazz piano sound would be wiped away in the recording studio. And there is no way these girls would have just naturally come together. They would have been hand selected by the recording company's marketing department and each would have to have some prepacked look or feel and backstory to them. Plus, there'd have to be some lesbian rumors and there is no way Belinda's now legendary coke use would have stayed under the radar.

It wouldn't be allowed to happen because we live in a time when a drum machine is cheaper than a drummer and radio is prepackaged and we just don't have the beat anymore.

Frances Bean Debuts

What's interesting in this story is not that Francis Bean Cobain is about to become a Chanel model, but:

1. Man is she pretty.
2. The picture that accompanies the article settles in my mind any argument over whether she was "really" Cobain' son. I'm not sure if it would be possible to be female and look more like her dad.

The News Your Need

According to Fleshbot these domain names are soon going to become available to the public:


Who wants to go into business with me?