January 5th, 2008

Calling All Girls And Gays! I Need Advice!

Because clothes in Spain cost roughly half of what they do in France and because I have not bought any new clothes in more than a year I'm going to do some clothes shopping when I'm in Madrid next week.

Because I'm a dude I'd like to do it at one store if possible.

However, I have no idea what I should get. What I need are pants and shirts and underwear.

So.... take a look at this link and let me know what shirts, pants and manties you think would look good!

This is your chance to play Grown Up Barbie with a boy!


The Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess


So while I am far from done with The Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess I've now played it enough to get enough of the sense of the game.

My most prominent impression: This is what I wanted Final Fantasy XII to be. When the Squaresoft team said there would finally be real active fighting in FFXII it sounded fun. The result, however, was a gambit system that made the game really fucking boring. Simply because all you had to do was type in the right gambits in advance and you won every fight without trying. All you had to do was walk up to the creature and you won. (Or conversely if you fucked up the gambit system you automatically lost.)

That sucked compared to the previous Final Fantasy systems where the drop down menus gave you a chance to adjust strategies mid fight.

The new Zelda addresses that fairly well. Yes, you need to use the correct item against the given monster, but you also have to use skill. Nothing is automatic. And, because of the nature of the Wii it's very active - you actually have the swing your arm to stab creatures.

And the puzzles are good but fair - closer to Ocarina of Time which took me a year to finish, but not as ridiculous as Wind Waker which I eventually had to give up on.

That said, there are some downsides, the accuracy of the swordplay with the Wii controller is not what it should be. It's close, but not 100 percent there. And, stuff in the background pixilates more than it should for a third generation machine.

On the other had it is the best Zelda yet - which is impressive since the Final Fantasy people seems to be on the decline.