January 4th, 2008

Best News Cycle Ever




Oh, my!

Of course no one is yet covering the news I want to know - who does Britney want to vote for? And, will she be allowed to vote for them from the insane asylum!

Seriously, what the fuck drug do you have to be on to have a four hour standoff with the police. And how did she end up in the hospital instead of jail?

And how the fuck did Rudy drop to 4 percent?

Why is Mitt crashing and burning?

And Hillary - third place?

My brain is spinning.


Today I'm back to the grind of the Gay Travel Guides and researching Munich which:

1. Is the leather bar capital of Europe. And I bet those are some scary ass bars.

2. Has it's own Christopher Street Day party.

3. Has lederhosen Gay Bars!!! How's that for a mental image.

4. Has a hotel inside a bath house.

5. Has an annual all gay christmas market.

Those crazy krauts!

Still Smoking

When I went for my monthly check up today to ensure I'm still healthy enough for Xanax (it's the only way I can get the prescription renewed) my doctor was smoking during the entire exam.

As was I.

We were then joking around about how you can't smoke in a restaurant but the new law says nothing about doctor's offices.

"This, is what it is like to live in France," was his comment.

Sex, Drugs And The Cat

By popular demand a post about sex and drugs and my cat.

But, it's interactive. See how many you can get.

Who recently broke their toe while having sex with a lassie at least 15 years younger than themselves and kept fucking all night long - not bothering to even take an aspirin or go to the doctor until the next morning?

Who is in such a state that she is literally howling for sex?

What drug has my doctor given me to keep me up all night?

Who is going to have some fun playing with girls in Paris next month?

Where will I be looking at naked ladies next Friday night?

Who did the walk of shame New Year's day?

Which darling lady is expecting a special delivery on St. Patrick's Day?

Who is the new Guitar Hero champ at Vert Anglais?

The drunk ex pat writer knows. On the QT and very, very hush hush.

The Dead Pool


Time for the first ever Drunk Ex Pat Writer Contest - with a prize!

It's my first ever dead pool.

I'll put a list of 10 celebraties out. You pick which one will die first and by what method (the method is in here to break ties if everyone guesses Brit Brit and she dies tomorrow.)

I'll put this on a saved tag so we can all reference it easily in the future.

I'll mail a gift to whomever gets the most correct answer.

Here are your options.

1, Britney Spears
2. Lohan
3. Keith Richards
4. Dick Clark
5. Kate Moss
6. Pete Doherty
7. Paris Hilton
8. Liza Minelli
9. George Herbert Walker Bush
10. Elton John