January 3rd, 2008

Back To Normal

For the first time since Christmas the local bars my friends and I hang out in will be open on a regular schedule tonight.

It's been weird not be able to really go out or know where to meet people. And I've missed my nightly martini at the Vert Anglais.

Last night we did have some fun however. Rome Girl and I noticed that The Iceman was off in the corner of Bar St. Roch so we stopped in.

It was the first day they were enforcing the smoking ban and of course it was pouring rain outside. But I played some pinball was Rome Girl caught up with the Iceman.

Then, because it was the only decent bar in town open last night The Dirty Baker turned up with her husband, Belgium Boy and we all had a drink.

To have something to do with our hands other than smoke Belgium Boy and I were drawn over to the pinball machine and had a furious bunch of matches. We each won six games which left our manhoods intact.

After that we came home and finished off Season Two of WKRP in Cincinatti - a show that if anything has gotten better with age and the passage of time. It's amazing how many issues - from gay rights, to abortion to race relations to the famous stampede at The Who concert they took on, always with grace, style and wit.

The version we downloaded was particularly good because, unlike the DVD release, it still had all the original music on it - and a lot of the jokes are dependent on those songs.

My shrink was back from vacation after two weeks today so I got my head shrunk this afternoon. It left me in not the greatest mood to work - because we had two weeks of things to go over and it sorta left me washed out, but in a good way.

The Things We Think But Do Not Say

Tonight it rained horribly and most French people don't go out when it rains (probably because they would melt. After all they've seen Wizard of Oz)

So it ended up with me, the bar owner and a girl as the only people in a given bar.

All of us smoke. And all of us had to go stand out and get rained on when we did smoke.

There was no one else in the bar.

So, who exactly would have been hurt if we'd been able to light up inside and kept warm?