December 30th, 2007

From The Freelance Job Boards

Project Description:

I want to write a book about how to turn a full time dad into a part time mom. So many of my friends have been through a divorce and they need help learning how to do their little girls hair. I want to write a little book for them to help them learn how to do hair. I want it to be about 4 to 5 pages long. with a few picture on how to do hair.

The 10 Most Annoying Things On The Internet

1. People who post "first" as a comment to anything. This is never cool.

2. The fact that has been taken over by people who just post shitty ads for their pay porn sites.

3. People who only read the first paragraph or headline on something and then make angry comments/assumptions that they clearly would not have made if they read the entire article/piece.

4. Whenever I get that message saying there is a "script error" on a page asking me if I want it to keep trying to run the script. I'm not a computer genius. I'm just going to randomly hit "yes" or "no." This is the type of thing I want my computer to decide for me.

5. Anything posted in all caps. IT JUST MAKES YOU LOOK LIKE A FUCKING IDIOT!

6. Sites that block me from watching streaming videos because they've only licensed the videos for North America.

7. People on cuckold newsgroups/discussion sites with names like "mandingo_warrior", "want_nigger_cock" and "looking_for_a_leroy." There has to be a better way for you to express your appreciation of dark skinned men.

8. Matt Drudge's obsession with Mexicans and weather.

9. Any mention of "Web 2.0" Seems like the same old web to me - but with videos!

10. "Lesbian" porn where the girls have long manicured fingernails/"barely legal" porn where the girls are in their 30s/the difficulty in finding pictures of naked girls with pubes/and the even bigger difficulty of finding porn with girls with normal bodies - the girls are always either way too skinny with bad boob jobs or else 350 pounds, there is very little middle ground.