December 28th, 2007

Case The Promised Land

The last couple nights I've been playing my DVD of the 1978 Bruce Springsteen concert from London.

I know that today he sucks and is a living cliche, but back then he was awesome and challenging and just good.

Yes, I'm from New Jersey.

Anyway, some of his shit is poetry.

So what are your favorite lines by him?

I like:

"The poets down here don't write nothing at all. They just stand back and let it all be."

"There were ghosts in the eyes of all the boys you sent away. They haunt this dusty beach road
In the skeleton frames of burned out Chevrolets"


"I've got to know if love is wild. I got to know if love is real."


"If you can take a mans life for the thoughts thats in his head
Then sit back in that chair and think it over judge one more time
And let `em shave off my hair and put me on that killin line "

It's The Economy Stupid

People complain about the economy in America, but compared to France, the U.S.A. is doing great.

Consider this. On the front page of the regional daily newspaper today was an article about how a new KFC is going to open here and how it will create 70 new jobs.

Montpellier is, population wise, about as large as Miami.

Can you imagine the opening of a fast food joint that would create several dozen jobs being a front page news item in the Miami Herald?

I Am An Idiot

When I was walking by the English language bookstore today the girl who runs the place came out and tracked me down.

It turns out I had ordered The Boy Who Followed Ripley and Ripley Under Water as Christmas presents for Rome Girl about two months ago, paid a huge deposit on them and then totally forgotten I'd ordered them.

So, Rome Girl ended up with a couple late Christmas presents today.

The good news is she loves Tom Ripley so she's happy with the gifts.

I just feel like a dork for forgetting I'd got them for her.