December 21st, 2007


I had an interesting conversation with my shrink yesterday. We started off by talking about the Jesus people in America and Romney saying that there can be "no freedom without religion" and then meandered into the new smoking ban that is coming to France and about how people can't look at porn at work because their bosses might find out and how Amsterdam is cracking down on their red light district and how ridiculous it is now that in Dutch coffee shops you can smoke hash, but smoking cigarettes is illegal.

And the thing is that it made me realize that a lot of people want rules and want their freedom to be curtailed. It's like once they leave their parent's house they don't trust themselves so they migrate to things that limit their freedom and options - whether that's embracing religion, or getting married really young or supporting laws and/or politicians that are for "law and order" or for gun control or anti abortion or anti smoking or making it illegal for teenagers to have sex or whatever.

There's just something in the psychological makeup of many people that prefers slavery and regulations and rules to real freedom and real choice.

They choose guilt and embrace the stability of a predictable future.

Meanwhile the reason I'm in France and the reason I don't work for a company and the reason I go to a shrink is that I want more freedom. I want to free myself from guilt. I want to be confident enough to do whatever I want even if it's not popular. I want my paranoia to leave so I can exercise my freedom without fear.

I want to be brave and different in a world that rewards the cowardly and the homogenized.

Linguistic Help

I'm writing the Gay Guide to London today and want to have a section where I list some terms an American gay guy would need to know in London.

So far I have:

To Wank



Cunt (used as an insult to a man instead of a woman.)





What other terms would a dude need to know if, say, he didn't want to seem like an idiot while trying to get laid with London blokes?

I Am An 80s Whore

I just wrote this sentence for the London Gay Guide:

"London is home to both George Michael And Madonna so whether you want his sex or simply to justify your love you'll be able to get into the groove."

I Love Writing Gay London

The puns are so easy:

I first met Big Ben outside a bar in Soho when I came out for a fag. Apparently he's fairly well known since the next day I discovered a giant clock named after him!

When I visited Westminster Abbey I got down on my knees and said “God save this queen!”

At Westminster Abbey they've been crowning queens for centuries.