December 19th, 2007

Mentioned In Dan Savage

A skit at a local Christian youth group meeting had teenage boys taking off some of their clothes, wearing adult diapers, bibs and bonnets and being spoon-fed by girls as they sat in their laps.

The group had also participated at an earlier date in the skit that involved female youth group members eating chocolate pudding out of diapers.

Youth minister O.J. Wandrisco said the skits were not done to demean anyone. "It was just a shot at humor," he said.

Deep Thoughts

Sometimes I wonder if Cosmopolitan Magazine is written as satire.

Wouldn't that be a hoot - if for years everybody thought that Cosmo was trying to give good, if inane advice, but they were really just part of a large decades long performance art piece.

Could Cosmo be The Onion of women's advice magazines?

I mean, seriously, check out this survey.

They ask guys to tell them what they think about when they jerk off.

Um... have you girls ever looked at porn? If so, you can probably guess what we think about when we whack the light fantastic.

Hint: It involves breasts. And blow jobs. And asses.

Obligatory Post About Brit Brit's Sister

Yeah, I know you've all heard about Brit's 16 year old sister being pregnant.

Here's my question - the girl splits her time between New York and Louisiana.

According to this the age of consent in both states is 17. So, is someone going to jail for this?

Also, can you believe the age of consent in Hawaii is 14?

And, how come in Canada the age of consent for lesbians is 14 but for gay dudes it's 18?

The Tale Of The Missing Penis

I'm doing the Gay Guide To Venice today and discovered this awesome tidbit.

In front of the Peggy Guggenheim Museum is a statue of a naked dude with a huge erection riding a horse.

Originally the penis was designed as a screw off - so that museum officials could remove it if members of the clergy or nuns walked by.

However, after several dozen of the dicks were stolen in the middle of the night they finally had only one replacement left and had to weld it on.

How fagtabulous is that?

Was It The Boogeyman?

As a matter of fact, it was.

I've said before that in general Rome Girl is a big Rob Zombie fan, as am I.

But her faith was tested last week by The Devils Rejects, which she hated.

Tonight, her faith was restored.

I downloaded the theatrical version of Rob Zombie's Halloween. (I'd seen the work print before, but never the actual fully edited theater release.)

"That's the best horror film I've ever seen," she said when it was done. "It may be the only horror film I've ever seen that's a real horror film. I can't remember the last film that really scared me."

When pressed about what made it different she said:

"It brought me into it's world, which is all I ask. It didn't just have a gimmick. It sold me. I'd put it up there with Silence of the Lambs."