December 18th, 2007

The Destroyer

Today I woke up so paranoid I couldn't get any work done. It was to the point where I was worried that on my way to the shrink that evil men would kill me and rape my woman. Also, I was terrified of my cat.

So, so not good.

But, while I've had this before usually it feels totally emotional and real. Today it felt "chemical" and unreal.

My shrink says this is progress because it means that I'm able to see my mental fuck ups from a distance and not let them rule me.

She also pointed out that in the past couple of days I've dealt with:

1. Randomly sobbing girlfriend.

2. Good friend freaking out because he's decided to dump his girlfriend but is waiting until after the holidays.

3. A different good friend getting fucked over by the French legal system.

4. Abuse from idiot checkers at the local grocery store.

5. Parents acting oddly.

6. Trying to find the best birthday present possible for my lady.

7. The ownership of a calico cat.

8. The death of the American dream.

9. The global hooker shortage.

10. The existence of Ron Paul.

The List Goes On

A lot of people this week are celebrating the end of the death penalty in New Jersey.

I'm not one of them.


Because I once sat and watched a court hearing about this man.

Trust me, 30 minutes in the same room with him would make Mother Theresa pro death penalty in certain cases.

Honestly I felt like I was in the room with the devil.

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