December 16th, 2007

Yummy For The Tummy

The Dirty Baker is hosting a pork roast tonight.

She does this about three times a year and it always makes me have a food orgasm.

The best part is the crackling - which you don't have in America - because she makes such a giant roast there is generally enough crackling to kill all the arteries in the room.

The last pork roast was the first time Rome Girl had ever seen or heard of crackling and now she's ready for more.

We are also bringing over presents for the little kids who are going to be there, because it's that time of year and we think that would be more fun than just bringing over a ton of booze.

Cover Up

You know I'm not that freaked out that the CIA destroyed their tapes of interrogating prisoners.

I mean, seriously, I expect a clandestine service to destroy documents, get rid of evidence and hide things away so they can never be found. That's the purpose of "black ops" - to do shit and not get caught doing it.

Honestly no country can be completely aboveboard and open about the dark shit they have to do sometimes. That's why every country has a spy agency. Hell, if Chavez cuts off the supply of oil to America I hope with have some Yale educated paramilitary types take him out and blame it on Nigerians in between cocktails.

What bothers me is they got caught. How incompetent are these people?

Master spies interrogating villains does not bother me.

Incompetent ones who may not even know who the villains are scare the shit out of me.

No Exit

Which philosopher are you?
Your Result: Sartre/Camus (late existentialists)

The world is absurd. No facts govern it. We live well once we truly accept the world's absurdity. YOU give our life's meaning, and YOU control your world.

(see Nietzsche for very closely tied beliefs)

--This quiz was made by S. A-Lerer.

W.v.O. Quine / Late Wittgenstein
Immanuel Kant
Early Wittgenstein / Positivists
Plato (strict rationalists)
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