December 15th, 2007

Hell Freezes Over

It's snowing in Montpellier.

This doesn't happen.

Rome Girl is worried because she thinks hell might be freezing over and that she might have to actually do all the things she said she'd do if that happened.

I'm more worried that the French will go on strike against god.

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(no subject)

I find it very odd that I keep reading that there are shortages of the Wii in America and that people are standing in line for hours for them.

Here, every music, game, electronics and computer store seems to have 30 or 40 of them on their shelves.

How does a major international company fuck up like that - I mean, obviously if there are so many available here and so few in America someone along the line completely fucked up the distribution channel.

It sucks that Euro Wiis won't work in America or else I'd buy 50 of them and start scalping on eBay.