December 13th, 2007

Party Poopers

You know it's one thing to try to sell designer toilet paper.

But it's a whole different level of absurdity when you try to sell the "gift set" with this ad copy: "Three stylish Renova black rolls in a uniquely designed box. The perfect gift."

The perfect gift for who?

The chick who dumped you last month?

Your boss, the day before you quit your job?

Your anal love buddy?

Seriously can you think of anyone you would give a gift set of designer toilet paper to?

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The Song Remains The Same

Instead of doing "Stairway To Heaven" for their first encore, I totally think Led Zeppelin should have done "Freebird."

It would have been the funniest moment in rock and roll history.

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Dress Up

There is an interesting debate in the comments section of Jezebel today.

It's over whether girls should give their dudes some "help" if they dress poorly, have bad haircuts, weird facial hair etc..

On the one side are girls who say that dudes need the help and are better off for it.

On the other are girls who say that if men told women how to dress people would be going batshit and calling them controlling macho assholes.

What's your take? Do you help your man choose his clothes? Do you nudge him in the right direction? Or do you just let him wear what he wants?