December 11th, 2007

Jesus H. Christ

As Andrew Sullivan eloquently points out Mitt Romney's speach about his faith is terrifying if you are anything other than a Christian.

The big bad is his assumption that "secularism" is the enemy.

“It is as if they are intent on establishing a new religion in America – the religion of secularism. They are wrong.”

Wow. That implications of that are beyond creepy, but wait, he's got one more bit of terror in there.

“Freedom requires religion just as religion requires freedom."

In other words, America can't be free unless it is a religious nation.

Man are we fucked if he wins.


A few years ago I did a lot of Amazon type reviews for female escorts. Now, as you know, I'm doing the same thing but for gay boy escorts.

I've noticed some interesting differences.

When you look at the ads for girl escorts the main photo is always of their face. Sure, they may also have galleries where they show off their tits and ass, but the main thrust seems to be what their hair, eyes, etc.. look like.

Not so for the gay boys. It's almost entirely shots of their torsos and dicks. In fact, about 90 percent of them either crop out or block out their faces entirely.

It's very strange - since both the girls and the boys are looking to entice men to pay to fuck them. Since the law of the marketplace wins when it comes to sex work I have to assume this means that the straight boys are much more interested in what their lovers look like than they gay boys, who just want the cock.

This goes along with another overall theme in the escort reviews. The straight guys go on and one about having a 'girlfriend experience" and talking about how nice and friendly the girl was and about her personality. The gay boys don't seem to give a fuck. All they talk about is how hard the guy got or how tight his asshole was.

On the other hand, the gay boys are condom freaks. While the straight guys go insanely happy when they find a girl who will blow them without a condom, the gay boys almost fetishize condoms, going on and on about putting it on before the blow job, how they put it on, how much they "filled it up" etc...

It's as though the two sides down simply have preferences for different genders, but they see sex as a whole completely differently from each other.


I'm thinking of using this as the tagline for Gay Amsterdam:

"Not every Dutch boy wants to stick his finger in a dyke."

Though I'm also considering:

"Get Stoned and Boned"

Waiting In Line

I saw this on Gawker but it's too good not to repost.

It's a list of the best corrections in newspapers and online media in 2007.

My favorite:

"In the May 25 “Explainer,” Michelle Tsai asserted that an eight ball is about 10 lines of cocaine. While the size of a line depends on personal preference, most users would divide an eight ball into more than 25 lines."


"A HEADLINE in Monday’s Daily News, “He regrets his role in ‘postal’ vid,” implied that Richard Marino, the subject of a YouTube video, was sorry for an incident in December at a Brooklyn post office. Marino, in fact, is not sorry. The News regrets the error."

Best Comment Ever

This has to be the best comment I have ever gotten on my blog.

It's in response to this.

Girl find other boy. She to. And ok some are no nice here because I write 3cm no 13cm. I am ashamed to be stupid typer. But girls are really worried about this they say. Who know they have fikka like cavern? So I don't put privat pictures on internet. That is no polite.

Now I drink beer.


This rocks.