December 8th, 2007


So I got my Christmas money from my dad today and promptly went out and bought Nintendo Wii.

I thought I was going to have enough money left over to get a game, but apparently in addition to the controllers that come with it you need to get two additional controllers.

It's all cool though because the sports games that come with it are fun as all hell and I can easily wait a week or two to get Super Mario Galaxy.

Rome Girl and I spent a lot of time today playing the boxing, golf and tennis games. I think it may have been the most exercise we've gotten together in months.

This is sort of backed up by the Wii Fitness Training Option that comes with the game.

The basic deal on this is that it puts your through a bunch of physical endurance challenges the first time you play the Wii. Then, it tells you what your body's "fitness age" is.

You then have to take the challenges every day before you can play any other games. If you don't at least match your "fitness age" from the day before you are locked out of the games and told to try again tomorrow.

I think we'll be OK for a while, because we tried the fitness challenge before we really understood the controllers.

This left me with a "fitness age" of 53 years old. Rome Girl got 49.

Hell, if we can't beat that tomorrow we don't deserve to play video games!