December 6th, 2007


My shrink and I were talking today about how contrary to the general American mythos having a successful family doesn't always mean successful children. In fact, in a lot of ways the more successful and/or wealthy your parents are the higher the odds of you becoming what I would call a "misfit toy."

This, I suspect, is why Bard and Bennington exist.

I guess part of it is that if your family is successful or wealthy they can get away with a lot more weird shit while raising you. In other words situations that would end up with the police and social workers getting involved if you were living in an apartment complex can get swept under Persian carpets.

Another side of it is that you are able to get away with a lot more stuff, so your own boundaries become blurred. I can think of a family member who got busted for aggravated assault in a bar fight and was then sent off to Ireland for several months while the lawyers worked out a plea agreement. Again, a kid in a lower socio economic bracket might have faced a lot more reality in terms of consequences.

Then, I think a third thing is at play. There is a natural instinct to want to do better than your parents. But if your parents are at the top of the heap that can seem either impossible or so fucking hard as to be not worth it. In other words if you start assuming you'll fail at a psychologically primal goal it becomes easier to simply not try and/or just "go with the music - spin, fall with it."

Paging Dr. Freud

Rome Girl is all excited because the shrink today made her lie on the couch for the first time.

She also gave her homework - which makes her feel special.

I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing - but it's made her happy.

Vert Anglais Montpellier Fun

So, while Rome Girl didn't feel like going out to the Vert Anglais tonight she was cool with me going and I ended up hanging out with Ainsley Hayes Girl, Ainsley Hayes Girl's Sister, The Dirty Baker and Lancelot's Babe.

It was a weird night because The Waves were not playing - instead it was a new band. But they played their heart out - even if they did too many Beatles songs. And Nick The Greek (the co-owner of the bar) went up and insisted on singing a bit with them.

So, here are pictures of Nick the Greek singing plus a couple of pictures of Ainsley Hayes Girl and her little sister (Rome Girl says I should call those photos "Woody Allen Film Reference")

I'll let you guys try to figure out that joke.

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Girls Help Me Out

I asked my mom what she wants for Christmas and got this response:

"i want either ferragamos or joand and davids and they are expensive shoes but COMFORTABLE dress shoes which I need at this point."

Any suggestions as to where or what to get her?

Assume I have no fucking idea what she's talking about.