December 5th, 2007

A Pack Of Lies

I'm not sure what is more disturbing in this story.

Is it the fact that she is telling women that if they want to get good jobs and promotions they need to wear a lot of makeup.

Or is it this paragraph:

"Men also need to consider make-up, which is something they should be aware of for diminishing minor skin imperfections that could be distracting. Foundation or base make-up should be considered if your skin tone is uneven or blotchy, and certainly if you are presenting under bright lights or making a TV appearance. Always apply your base after a moisturiser. Choose a colour close to your natural skin tone and you will give your skin a healthy and natural appearance."

What is the theory on this one? That if your boss thinks you are a transvestite or pre op trannie that you'll get promoted quicker so you won't sue them?

I Don't Get It

I'm currently writing a gay escort review for a dude who is a "bodybuilder bottom."

All the guys in the other reviews keep talking about how manly he is - before talking about how tight his ass is.

I'm not sure I get it - if you wanted someone super manly (the dude is like Arnold big) wouldn't you want him to be the man in bed?

I can only guess it's some weird thing about wanting to conquer someone who could totally kick your ass.