December 4th, 2007


Talked to my mom yesterday because she was having a bad day. One of her main consulting gigs is advising the national office of the Associate Press in New York. Unfortunately that office is going to be broken up into a series of regional offices, so she has no high hopes for that gig being continued at the end of her contract.

This is also going to be a bad thing for news junkies like me, because they are going to cut their reporting staff and kick some editors back to reporting positions, which means you'll get less news from the AP and you'll get it later.

My advice?

Start reading Agence France-Presse for your national and world news.

That said, she told me she ordered me a Wii for Christmas. She told me this because she couldn't figure out from the site when exactly it will show up, so she wanted to me to know not to open a package if it arrived but also not to be freaked out if nothing seemed to turn up by Christmas.

She's been so reasonable lately I'm starting to wonder if her doctor put her on new medication.

I had to go to my regular doctor this afternoon because my Xanax prescription is almost up. The deal is that because the drug is very addictive they make you turn up at your doctor's office every 30 days while you on it so he can look you over and make sure you don't seem like you are begging on the street or mugging people to feed your habit.

The irony of this is twofold:

1. My Xanax prescription costs $4 a month. I'd have to be pretty hard up to mug people to get the monkey off my back.

2. My doctor hands out morphine and vigara and ciallas samples to his friends when he's out drinking so I'm not sure he'd really care that much if I showed up jonesing for a fix.

This morning I started looking at the Wii site to figure out what games I want to get. I'm still clueless so I'm up for any suggestions - although Super Mario Galaxy does look pretty cool.

The other night Rome Girl and I started downloading the first season of WKRP In Cincinnati. It's the only 70s show I've seen in a while that really stands up to viewing in the 21st Century. The jokes are still really funny and the show is very progressive for it's time, with gay positive plotlines, pot being discussed in a reasonable way and a sense of the absurdity that is rock and roll.


Yahoo! today released their lists of the various most popular searches listed by categories (these are non porn searches. Alexia will tell you that "Sex", "Tits", "Cock" and "Lesbians" are still higher up in real search engine rankings than any of these things.) Not surprisingly Britny Spears, Wii, Guitar Hero, Harry Potter and NASCAR are way up there.

For some reason Drunken Expat Writer is not listed, although I'm sure this is an oversight.

I also wonder what, exactly, people were looking for when they typed in "Earth" as a search term.


Rome Girl booked my flight to Madrid today.

I go on January 11 and am there for five days!

I can't wait to see Picasso's Guernica!

It also features what one website calls "The safest red light district in Europe."

The Devil's Rejects

Today I found a copy of the Director's Cut of The Devil's Rejects on sale for 14 bucks so I had to get it.

Rome Girl - who usually likes everything Rob Zombie does - hated it.

She feels that Zombie didn't do enough to make you give a shit about the characters one way or another so she had no emotional investment in them.

I still love the film and find it hard not to giggle at some of the more extreme moments of satire. I've never seen a film use "Freebird" more perfectly.

Squirt, my cat said, "Did you notice that no one in this film ever feeds a cat - and that all of the people in this film die? There is an important message here. I like it."


"I'm glad you liked the girl I linked to," I said to Rome Girl.

"Dude," she replied, "I'm all about the boobs."

"Me too" I said, looking at her gorgeous rack.

"Maybe I should date shemales," she responded. "I'd get the best of both worlds."

"Now there is a thought," I commented.