December 1st, 2007

Fruit Flies

When Rome Girl and I went to the supermarket tonight there was a fruit that neither of us had ever seen before.

It had the skin of a grapefruit but was about four to five times the size of a grapefruit. Plus it was tapered towards one end - sorta like a papaya, but with the skin of an orange or grapefruit.

It was wrapped in plastic and had directions on it that seemed to imply that you eat it like you would an orange. There was no name on or around the fruit.

"I'm guessing that if a piece of fruit comes with directions nobody knows what the fuck it is," Rome Girl said.

Any thoughts?

UPDATE: I went back to to the grocery store and took a picture. Please understand that these things are really big (like large mellon big) but their skin looks just like a citrus fruit.

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Che Revisited

Chavez threatens to cut off oil supplies to United States.

Does this dude want to get assassinated by the CIA?

I mean, seriously, sure we suck at doing anything in the Middle East - but so does every other western power.

On the other hand we have a rich and storied tradition of taking out Tin Pot Banana Republic Dictators. It's one of the few things we are good at. Remember Noriega? Or really any South American leader during the 50s, 60s and 70s that we didn't like?

Fuck, we probably still have a dozen or so retired CIA guys living in Venezuela.

And, unlike with the Middle East we have plenty of CIA dudes who know how to speak the local language.

Shit, we could probably get some Columbian drug dudes to do the job in exchange for granting them a couple customs free flights across the border.

If I were in a dead pool I think I'd pick this guy over either Brit Brit or Lohan at this point - and that's saying alot.