November 29th, 2007

A Semi?

Today I'm writing reviews of male escorts (sorta like Amazon reviews but you describe whether they give good head, how tight their ass is, if their dick is worth $250 an hour, etc...).

On the site they have all sorts of check boxes that allow the escort to describe their body types, fetishes, whether they top or bottom, etc...

Under the "Circumcised" box, this one dude has checked "Semi Cut".

What do you suppose that means?


"This dude I'm writing about gets 250 euros an hour and has a three hour minimum," I said to Rome Girl. "He also splits his time between New York, the South of France, Tokyo, Bali, Hawaii and Seattle."

"That bastard," Rome Girl said. "I want to be him."

"You realize you'd have to take it up the ass on a regular basis," I commented.

"For that much fucking money, I would totally do that," Rome Girl said. "And you'd be constantly turned on. It would be a win/win situation for everyone."

"That's true," I responded. "It's not like we don't take it up the ass figuratively at least, from some of our clients already."

Fetish Of The Month

Welcome to the House Of Slime.

At the House of Slime we love dirty slimed girls. Here we have but one aim and that is to cover the sexiest girls in white slime and glycerine.
From fully clothed to nude and rude we love watching these babes enjoy the sensual caress of the slime on their gorgeous messy bodies.
If you love watching messy facials, WAM and lotion play then the House of Slime is the place for you to find your X Rated WAM Videos with a difference.

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