November 28th, 2007

Passing The Bar

Have you guys been following this weird story in New York where this girl claimed that five years ago when she was 16 a rich dude talked her into blowing him because he said he could make her a Victoria's Secret model?

Only after she made her claims it turns out that she was really a he - and more likely than not 18 at the time the blow jobs happened?

Well, Gawker has been following it and after their story yesterday they got contacted by the girl's lawyer - who, I think, may be insane.

Granted, that's probably not that far fetched given that he's not only been sleeping with his client, but did not realize she had a penis. (I'm guessing they only did it doggy style in the dark.)

Some samples from the letter to Gawker. Remember, this is from someone who passed the New York Bar.

"Where not suing the post for being the post and reporting the FACTUAL news! Where suing them for printing horrible, malicious lies they knew were false (if you saw the law suite you would know that) and printed away for a juice story!"


"the whore article was a malicious defamatory lie to assassinate my client's charter cook up be Rubenstein and the post"


I think it's interesting that in the new Season of 24 Jack Bauer gets brought into congressional hearings to testify about torture.

In some ways it tells me that the producers have been listening to the people who have been screaming "we'd watch your fucking show if it wasn't Republican porn."

On the other hand it may just be that Fox is seeing the writing on the wall - that neocon torture bullshit is no longer cool.

Or, they may just be making fun of the whole thing.

On a related note Stephen King told Time Magazine that he thinks Jenna Bush should be waterboarded.

I don't know about you - but I'd pay to see Jack Bauer waterboard Jenna Bush.

Not That Innocent

Hold on to your hats for the Best Britney Spears Story Ever!

Star Magazine is claiming that Brit Brit:

1. Has a double locked X Rated fantasy room that contains "ticklers, whips and fur-trimmed handcuffs hanging from the metal bedframe."

2. Keeps professional spanking paddles in a glass jar.

3. Has both a Catholic School Girl's Outfit and Cinderella Outfit for fetish play.

4. Wants to have a nose job in order to make herself look more like Marilyn Monroe

5. Lives in a house that is covered in both baby poop and dog shit.

6. Is dating a waiter who is an "aspiring actor."

And... wait for it

7. She's pregnant.

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