November 27th, 2007

Just Say No

I had to take Rome Girl to the dentist for the second time in two days today.

The problem is one of the nerves in one of her teeth has died and it has to be pulled out.

But, apparently she's resistant to anesthesia they use - so the dentist has been able to remove most of the nerve but there is still part of it left. When he tries to get at it she squirms so much that he pretty much can't.

After shooting her up twice this morning he asked her if she was a drug addict and then mentioned that only time he'd ever seen someone so anesthesia resistant was with people who are habitual cannabis smokers and/or morphine addicts.

She swore up and down that she doesn't use drugs but he just rolled his eyes.

I have to bring her back on Friday for him to try again.

The Boys From Berlin

I'm now doing the Gay Europe Travel Guides - and holy fuck is Berlin practically the gayest and kinkiest place on Earth.

I'm sorta shocked because every German I've ever met in Europe has been pretty much an uptight rule worshiping asshole.

But damn, Berlin has five different gayborhoods and - as far as I can tell - the kinkiest shit you'll find anywhere.

The city even has a special section in it's central park specifically set aside for nude gay and lesbian sunbathers.

Of course it also looks like the most expensive city in Europe, so I guess that it much be sugar daddy central.