November 25th, 2007


I was supposed to meet the dudes to play poker at 3 this afternoon, but didn't wake up until 3:30.


The dudes called around quarter to three but Rome Girl decided to let me sleep so I had to do some apologizing.

Anyway, once I got up I checked email, bid on some jobs and watched some West Wing with Rome Girl.

Then I went back to Guitar Hero 3 - because now that we have the second guitar I wanted to be able to play with Rome Girl, but it won't let you play the two player mode until you defeat the one player mode on "Medium"

So, around 5 I finally managed to beat "Devil Went Down To Georgia" on Medium which unlocked the "Co-Operative Player Mode".

By that point, however, we were out of cigs, so we fooled around for a little bit and then went out and got some cigs and then headed over to Vert Anglais where she had some tea and I had a couple of drinks with The Iceman.

We came home and tried the co-operative mode with Rome Girl playing bass - which she prefers over guitar - and me playing guitar and we got through a bunch of songs - five staring some of them - until we got to "Helicopter" which stumped us.

At that point she said her wrist was going numb so she put West Wing back on the television and I went to write a blog entry for you!

India Knight On The End Of Historians

India Knight has an interesting argument in The Sunday London Times today.

She says that one unintended consequence of email is that it will totally fuck up professional biographers 30 or 40 years from now.

That's because, she argues, that one of the primary sources for biographers are letters and other correspondence.

But, she remarks, people rarely send letters anymore. They send emails - and no one saves their emails in the same way that they saved their letters.

So, she says, an entire ouvre of historical documentation is being killed by the Internet.

It's an interesting thought.

Though I guess historians could simply look at our Live Journals.

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Deep Thoughts

The Republicans hates communists.

So, why, whey they are running for election are the regions they are likely to win called "Red States?"

Isn't their basic slogan "Better dead than red?"

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Sweet Dreams

When I went back into bed after my early morning smoke Rome Girl "woke up" and asked me "How did I do?"

"Great," I responded.

"Really," she said. "I got all 26 letters!"

Then she kissed me and went back to sleep.

I really want to know what she was dreaming about.