November 23rd, 2007

Welcome To The Jungle

Guitar Hero 3 comes out in Europe tomorrow and I can't fucking wait.

I want the Slash avatar so much my mind is almost melting.

As far as Guitar Hero 2 goes, I've finally managed to four or five star everything on the Medium level except "Surrender." When I four stared "Freebird" yesterday I actually did a happy dance in my living room.

On the Hard level I can three star all the songs I purchased (except "Jordan") but am stuck on "Woman" on the regular song list.

Since Guitar Hero 3 came out weeks ago for those of you in America is there anything I should be wary of before I buy it?

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Paint It Black

I painted my fingernails black for the Marilyn Manson show last Saturday. Then, when I woke up Sunday morning I discovered that Rome Girl was out of nail polish remover, so I was stuck with black fingernails for the day.

I got too lazy to buy nail polish remover so they've stayed black ever since.

Now they are chipped and black and I really like that look.

I'm thinking of keeping it - but only if I can figure out a way to have them always look chipped and skip the step of them looking too good the first day I paint them.

Family Weirdness

This is inspired by bkslice's post about her weirdo Thanksgiving.

We all have families. Unless you move your ass across the ocean from them you have to deal with them a few times a year.

These alcohol infused days are called "holidays."

Because you are dealing with people you'd probably never deal with in any other circumstance weird shit can happen.

For example, one year my mom and dad decided to take the extended family out to dinner on Thanksgiving - mostly in order to avoid my mom's cooking.

At the end of the meal, in the very nice restaurant, they put the bill by my uncle, my mom's brother.

He then said "See, at a nice place they know not to ask a woman for money."

My mom then grabbed a steak knife, upended the table and went for his throat.

Eventually we cleared out of the restaurant and things seemed to calm down for a while. But, later on my mom and her brother started arguing again.

This pissed off my dad who in order to create a distraction went outside, fired up his huge conversion van and started driving it into cars in our driveway in a sorta all family drunken demolition derby.

What's your weird story?

Pink Slips

These dudes may be my new heroes.

They hacked an old Atari computer game called "Hard Driving" and turned what was originally a racing game into a new game where you are a girl and have to steal cars from dudes, have lesbian sex and eventually get laid by as many guys as possible.

It features actual ejaculation shots, pussy eating, you name it.

Geeks of the world unite!

Guitar Hero 3 Questions

1. Even though the game says on the box that it is in German, French and Italian, it's defaulting to German - the one language of the three we don't speak in this house. Any idea how to change that?

2. What the fuck are you supposed to do during the Morello boss fight? Nothing I do seems to work.

3. Anyone else notice that the timing on this game is slightly different than all the other Guitar Hero games?

Guitar Hero 3 Boss Fights....

.... are total bullshit.

In what planet does:

A) Tom Morello show up at a high school battle of the bands and dare you to play against him?

B) Satan himself not only challenge you to "Devil Went Down to Georgia" but actually rip strings out of your guitar while you are trying to play against him?


P.S. I'm not bitter about playing against Satan on that song. That sort of makes sense. I'm bitter about him breaking the strings on my guitar.

P.P.S. I managed to get the Slash avatar. That makes me very, very, very happy.