November 21st, 2007

From Your First Cigarette To Your Last Dying Day

In New Jersey we have two football teams. (They both claim to be from New York but they train in and their games are played in New Jersey.)

The New York Giants are considered the team that is followed by well educated elite fans.

The New York Jets fans on the other hand are considered barbarians.

Of course, Jets fans often dispute this contention.

And then something like this happens.

I suppose they could argue that they are being really continental and simply trying to act like Liverpool Football Club fans.

Except they probably don't even know what scouse is.

I Am Horrified

Because I'm low on freelance gigs this week and Rome Girl is backed up I offered to pitch in and write some of her copy for her this afternoon.

She's writing web copy for a spa and each page describes a different treatment.

I'm working down the list in alphabetical order and just got to "colonic hydrotherapy" which is the worst thing I have ever read about in my life.

They shoot coffee, yes, coffee, up your ass and then pull it out with a tube. Here is the scariest part of the description:

"This procedure is repeated multiple times during the course of the 45 min. treatment period."

Also they claim it can be used to treat "sinusitis."