November 20th, 2007

Dan Savage Sucks This Week

The worst advice ever.

Long story short. Dude writes in and says that his wife has gotten fat and farts alot and that "every girl in the world is more attractive than she is."

Dan responds, "Tell your wife that you no longer find her attractive. It's called being honest.

It is quite possible that she has no idea that her out-of-shapeness is a turnoff, especially if she has never been told!"


Trust me, the woman knows if she's gained weight and/or farts a lot. And there is no way to have that conversation without coming off as a shallow dick.

Sarah Conner Chronicles

Quite simply the best new show we've seen in years.

It's what Bionic Woman should have been, but wasn't.

Seriously if you get a chance to download or see the pilot in any format do so.

You'll thank me!