November 17th, 2007

Shut Me Down With A Push Of A Button

I'm really psyched that Guitar Hero III is coming out this week.

I'm a little bitter however that in order to play "Sabotage" (one of Rome Girl's favorite songs) we have to buy a second guitar since it only unlocks if you can do both guitar and bass.

I think I'm going to ask the shop if the new guitar comes in pink. Because I think it would be cute to see Rome Girl rocking out to the Beastie Boys on a fake pink bass guitar.

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Total Scumbags

Not sure how I missed this this week, but did you guys here about the worst human being in America?

I'm being serious, I can't imagine worse people.

Here's the deal there was this 13 year old girl who was unpopular (mostly because she was overweight) who put up a MySpace profile.

So, some cute dude starts commenting to her on MySpace. For a few weeks he's really, really nice to her and she's happy and excited.

Then, suddenly he starts calling her a "slut" and a "bitch" and seriously fucking with her head - to the point where she eventually freaks out and hangs herself.

Turns out the tormentor was not another kid, but actually some parents who lived down the block. And, other people in the neighborhood knew what was going on - because they'd tried to recruit them to torment the girl on MySpace as well.

I hope there is a special circle of hell for these scumbags.

Feminst Or Not

You know I've always thought that girls get the short end of the stick when it comes to video games. After all, boys are marketed games where they can steal cars, blow shit up and in some variations of Grand Theft Auto deal drugs.

Meanwhile girls get marketed games about how to babysit and take care of ponies.

But, a new company is about to even the score with "Coolest Girl In School."

In this game you can smoke pot, get drunk, skip school, spread rumors and even have unprotected sex in order to try to become as "cool" as possible.

The ad campaign reads as follows: "Lie, bitch and flirt your way to the top of the high school ladder".

So, I guess in some ways this is a step up for equality for girls. On the other hand it does seem to reinforce gender stereotypes. Though games targeting boys seem to do the same thing in the sense that they imply that having a bigger gun/sword/flamethrower and stealing cars and/or starting wars is all cool and shit.

What's your thought?

The Dope Show

I had an awesome outfit picked out for the Marilyn Manson show tonight, but I just went outside and it's freezing so there is no fucking way I'm wearing a skirt and fishnets.

So, I think I'm going to be boring and wear dark pants and a dark sweater and just fuck my hair up with tons of gel and get Rome Girl to put a bunch of black eyeliner on my face and paint my fingernails black.

Fuck, I hate it when the weather makes me conservative.

A Mellow Manson

So, this was the fifth time I'm seen Marilyn Manson and by far the most interesting time.

The reason being that it was a cool, mellow show.

He wore a black T-shirt and black jeans. There were no weird costume changes or fireworks or stilts or girl back up singers pretending to act lesbian.

Instead it was a singer, a bassist, a guitarist and a drummer just playing music.

And that's a real departure for Brian Warner.

He also seemed to be having fun. At the start of "Irresponsible Hate Anthem" when he's supposed to get the crowd pumped up chanting "We hate love. We love hate" he just started giggling and had to bring the houselights down and start over.

When he said "Shock is all in your head" there was a moment of glee - even though he knew the non English speaking audience would not get it.

The best part for me was that it was nice to see that he can play and be interesting without all the bullshit. Though I do feel bad for anyone who had not seen him before and had paid good money to see a circus when what they actually got was a good rock band.

He never tried to act scary or be threatening. He just seemed like a nice guy having fun playing music.

And while that was not what I expected, it made my night defy my expectations.

Manson Post Part Two

One of the weird things about the Manson show was that they searched the fuck out of you when you went in the door.

However, once you were inside you were accosted by a public health group that asked you if you had done drugs at all in the past year.

When I gave them my response they handed me a "safe sniffing kit" whose purpose was to help you do lines of coke without getting hepatitis from people you were sharing nasal snorting with.

Then, if you gave the joking response that Coma White did they gave you clean needles. (Note, Coma White does not use IV drugs, she was just fucking with them.)

My question is, what is the point it searching people for potential weapons if you are about to hand them needles for free?

I mean, honestly a set of syringes can be as harsh a weapon as any knife - if not more.