November 16th, 2007

Vert Anglais And Beaujolais With Rome Girl

Rome Girl and I made ourselves look pretty and headed out to Vert Anglais for Nouveau Beaujolais night last night.

They had a deal where you could get a glass of wine and a huge plate of tartiflette for 8 euros. I can't drink wine (tannins fuck me up)but I can say the tartiflette was excellent.

Rome Girl liked this years wine and said it tasted a little bit like cherries.

Then, the Waves started playing with a slightly different line up than usual - and they were electric rather than acoustic.

They mixed up the set list and played a bunch of hard rock including Metallica, AC/DC and the like and the crowd ate it up.

Rome Girl left early - because live music isn't her thing - but I stayed with The Dirty Baker and we all got pleasantly sloshed.

Saturday night is the Marilyn Manson show and I still don't know if Coma White is going to be healthy enough to go. If she isn't I told the Dirty Baker I'd take her as my date since she loves Manson and it's her birthday tonight.

Strike Day Three

The big strike continues and the government doesn't seem willing or able to give in this time around so I'm not hopeful that it will be over soon.

For those of you who are curious here are the details, thanks to the BBC, about the current pension system that the government wants to change:

Benefits 1.6m workers, including 1.1m retirees
Applies in 16 sectors, of which rail and utilities employees make up 360,000 people
Account for 6% of total state pension payments
Shortfall costs state 5bn euros (£3.5bn; $6.9bn) a year
Some workers can retire on full pensions aged 50
Awarded to Paris Opera House workers in 1698 by Louis XIV

(Editorial aside: When your current system was designed by someone named The Sun King, perhaps it's due for an update?)


A lot of the ghost writing Rome Girl does involves creating relationship advice books for women.

It's an odd way to make money because she has to sell the advice the client wants her to put out, rather than the advice she would really give people.

It's sorta sad too - because, in general, the advice the clients want her to give involves manipulating men, hiding your true feelings and using sex to train dudes as though they were Pavlov's dog.

The thing is that it's never really going to work because a smart and sane dude is going to realize that the girl is playing games and simply move on to someone who treats him honestly, doesn't withold sex and has enough self confidence to like actually call him when she wants to talk to him.