November 12th, 2007

So, So Fucked Up

This whole Junior Year Abroad murder thing in Italy is so fucking strange and getting stranger by the day.

I'm not sure if this has been on the news much in the United States - and to be honest to get the full story here you'd have to read about six different UK papers, each of which is reporting a different piece of the puzzle, so I'll summarize briefly.

This American girl, Amanda Knox, who liked to be called "Foxy Knoxy", decided to do her Junior Year Abroad in Italy. She ended up living in a dorm room with a British girl, Meredith Kercher.

The two girls became best friends and started hanging out at the local expat bars.

But, it turns out that Knox was pretty fucking kinky for a 20 year old girl. Her MySpace page, since taken down, was filled with tons of essays about how she wanted to rape girls because "girls don't know they want it until you give it to them."

So, Knox ends up dating one of the guys who own/runs (some papers say he owns it, some say he runs it) the local expat bar.

One night she and him decide that they are going to get a couple other guys to rape her roommate - in order to prove that women want to be forced into sex.

Remember, we are talking about two young girls here, one aged 20, one 21.

So, they all go back and first lesbian rape Meredith and then the guys gang bang her.

When Meredith starts freaking out they murder her, because they are shocked she isn't overjoyed at what they did to her.

Then, they go someplace else and watch Grey's Anatomy.

Like how do you get that fucked up?