November 10th, 2007

The Day Away

I woke up way hungover yesterday and Rome Girl was tired because she'd been working like a dog all week.

So, when I realized that I was so out of it that I wasn't even writing comprehensible blog entries (or, rather, was writing ones that confused people) I suggested that we both take the day off which we did.

In fact I didn't even check my emails all day yesterday (the first time I've gone a day without checking emails in a couple of years). Hopefully nothing major happened because now AIM. is down and I can't check my emails til they fix it.

We spent most of the day walking around town and window shopping. I bought myself the latest Kay Scarpetta hardcover. Later I bought Rome Girl the CSI: Las Vegas game for the Playstation (some women like jewelery, Rome Girl likes puzzles to solve.)

Eventually we had a couple drinks with the Iceman and the Dirty Baker over at the Vert Anglais and then went home.

I ordered up a ton of Chinese food and she sat down and started playing the game. I watched her play until about 2 a.m. (she solved the first crime and was doing well on the second) and then I went into bed and started reading my new book.

We both slept until about 1:30 this afternoon and felt nicely refreshed.

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Dear Patricia Cornwell

Dear Patricia Cornwell,

Yesterday as I was window shopping in Montpellier I noticed that the nice ladies at Book In Bar (the English Language Bookstore In Town) were unpacking copies of your latest Kay Scarpetta novel, Book Of The Dead.

This sent chills up my spine. Not the chills of wonderful anticipation that you get when you see your lover after a brief, yet romantic separation.

Instead it was the feeling you get when you run into a former lover who at first showed you what love can be, but ultimately betrayed you.

I know that your books are capable of being complete masterstrokes of the genre. The Body Farm and Cruel and Unusual are full of subtle grace, lots of foreplay and eventually earth shattering climaxes.

Yet, you can also let me down bitterly.

The Last Precinct (and really all of your books where Scarpetta was chasing the werewolf) were like bad dry humping. Even worse than that really. It was like meeting a lover after a break and once you finally had her undressed realizing that she was not even trying.

Those books were bittersweet, a little sad and left me feeling used and violated.

Yet, you tempted me back with Blowfly, which, while not true love, was like getting a long and sweet blow job from an old mistress. And Trace. Oh, Trace.

Trace made me feel connected to you again. While turning the last few pages, The Earth Moved.

So, there I stood looking at the cover of your new book. What should I do? Do I open my heart and give you once last chance (and risk 35 bucks of my hard earned cash) or do I walk away giving you a lingering glace, before we passed like shadows in the warm afternoon sunlight.

The romance won.

With fear in my heart I walked in the door and left with you in my arms.

I simply pray that once again you will earn my trust.



P.S. "Scarpetta" is an Italian slang term for "swallowing cum."