November 7th, 2007

Vert Anglais With Miss Expatria

The lovely Miss Expatria and I headed off to the Vert Anglais last night. She'd been working like a dog all weekend and Monday and we both knew she deserved to blow off some steam.

The owner made her Chocolate Orange Martinis with real chocolate and she lapped up four or five of them. I had a regular martini to start and then switched to beer.

As always the cocktails at the Vert Anglais were excellent and we both got pleasantly sloshed while talking to The Iceman. When he left we debated music and stuff.

"Watching Patti Smith in concert made me think I might actually like Rock and Roll after all," she said.

Time flew. We got there around 630 and when we looked at the clock were shocked to find out it was almost midnight.

All in all a good night.

On Thursday the band is going to be back at the Vert Anglais. Happy Hour starts at 9 p.m. and the band - which is excellent will start playing around 9:30.

Be there and you just might meet the lovely Miss Expatria.

Gay Travel Guides

The good news is that by this time next week I'll be done doing all of the gay travel guides for America and will get to start on the guides for the big euro cities.

The bad news is that before I do that I have to finish up the American cities and I only have dipshit cities in the south and midwest to go.

Writing the gay guide to Paris is going to be so much more fun than the one I recently had to do on Charlotte, North Carolina.

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RockstarJulia(6:10:45 AM): I'm meeting the former GWAR drummer today to ride the PATH train and go drinking. That is so weird. haha.
RockstarJulia(6:10:58 AM): if my parents could see me now ...
RockstarJulia (6:13:30 AM): and Danzig's drummer was once in love with me. it's suddenly hilarious to me. how did I get to this point? haha
RockstarJulia (6:14:49 AM): I might very well be the coolest person alive though ... at least for the time being. haha
RockstarJulia (6:16:30 AM) how fucked up is it that I stayed up late last night making sweet bread to bring so I can show off my domestic abilities?

Pier Pressure

Doing the research for the gay guide to Key West today I discovered that they actually have a cruising spot called, I shit you not, "The Dick Dock."

I think my headline for that section is going to be "Sitting On The Dock Of The Gay."

A New Education Plan

I'm in the middle of one of the nerdiest and most fun conversations ever on The Ferrett's blog.

The basic deal is there is this dude running for the board of education in a small town. He's doing so by running an advertisement saying he's a Jedi knight and wants to bring that sort of educational excellence to the schools.

Some of us are unsure if this is a good thing for several reasons.

1. School security is important. At the Jedi school one religious zealot was able to walk in the front door and murder a bunch of students without anyone challenging him.

2. I'm all for innovative teaching methods. But is making your students carry you around on their backs while you scream at them that they are too old and suck at what they are doing really a good thing?

3. In my experience some of the Jedi professors have serious issues with normal English grammar and sentence construction.

4. I'm fairly sure the Empire could not only afford better textbooks, but also doesn't educate their students in mudswamps.

5. The Jedi run a boarding school that seems to discourage parent participation and interaction.

6. I'm not sure I agree with the Jedi position on school prayer.

What do you think?

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