November 5th, 2007

Spreading The Word

For those of you who don't know already, Rome Girl has a new LJ Blog called, spqr_ragazza.

It's different content from her Wordpress Miss Expatria blog.

You know you want to add her now - all the cool kids are doing it!

Through The Looking Glass

Rome Girl wants to do a second more streamlined edition of the Miss Expatria book so she's having me read it over for her and offer some suggestions.

It's a weird experience. Because the book covers her time from initially moving to Rome to eventually moving in with me in Montpellier, I end up becoming a fairly large character in this "non fiction" book.

Unfortunatly, because she knows her family is going to read it, she's completely fictionalized how we met. (The true story is she found my Nerve profile, came out to meet me and we started fucking like bunnies.)

So, she's created this elaborate story about her and several friends coming to Montpellier on vaction, me hitting on her and then slowly seducing her over a period of time, while she's chaperoned by various relatives of her friends.

The weird thing is that her family will read this book and assume it's true. Which means that whenever I visit her family with her I have to be prepared for them to bring up "how we met" and I better have a handle on the weird preposterous story or the jig will be up.

That said she does have an interesting way of describing her first impression of me:

"Cal's life in Montpellier is like if Salvadore Dali painted A Year In Provence and Hunter S. Thompson wrote a review of it."