November 4th, 2007

The Workingman

Anyone who has worked in any job long enough will eventually end up working with a crazy dude. Sometimes the crazy dude is scary or a stalker or just plain freaky.

But every so often they are simply entertaining - and if anything help everyone get through the day a little better.

Case in point. I worked for roughly eight years at a grocery store in New Jersey during high school and college.

There was this one guy there called John who I stocked shelves with for a while. As you may know, with few exceptions, grocery stores never run out of a product. They always order more stuff before they run out.

Which means there is almost universally some box of stuff in the way back that's been there for years. For a year, John made it his goal to write the words "Greed Is Good!" on that one item - and 12 months later (and probably to this very day) if you were to go to that store and pick any item and find the box furthest in the back, you'd find John's words of wisdom.

That done, John then went and started, as we would put new stuff on the shelf to write down the product name and company mailing address of every single product in the store. He spent that year writing to the companies elaborate stories about how their products - which he never actually bought, had failed him.

It started out as a lark - something to kill time. But a few months in John started getting so many free products and coupons for stuff in the mail from these companies that he didn't actually have to pay for groceries at all for several months.

It sounds stupid, but keeping up to date on John's projects - of which there were many others during the year helped all of us to have a laugh and just stand back and let it all be.

So, now it's your turn. What lovable madmen have you worked with?


The most bizzare thing about Pakistan imploding is watching Condi Rice complain when the Pakistani leader ignored laws, violated the constitution, held onto power with though questionable voting, complained about judicial activism and used the War on Terror as an excuse to violate his citizen's civil rights.

I mean, has Condi forgotten who the fuck she works for?

Hello America!!!!!

The other night The Sex Pistols were on Jay Leno.

Of course, Rome Girl and I had to YouTube it.

We had very different reactions. She said that watching it made her sad because:

1. The Sex Pistols were evocative of a particular moment in time and that generation's pure anger at a system that was failing them. And that they don't make much sense when taken out of that time and context.

2. Jay Leno is the establishment. He's a symbol of everything they were fighting against. And, it's sad to see even John Rotten as part of the machine.

3. Seeing them helping to hawk Guitar Hero III is beyond selling out.

I, on the other hand, said it made me happy because:

1. If ever a bunch of guys in a band got screwed by their management it was these guys. After all the bullshit McClaren and Westwood put them through, they deserve a bit of money/success.

2. John never really said he was an anarchist. He said "I use anarchy." That's very different. And if you can use anarchy you can use the establishment as well.

3. He does, during the song, moon Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul and screams "When are you getting out of Iraq." Then he looks right at the camera and sings to millions of Americans "Your future dream is a shopping spree." Right on, John. Right the fuck on.

4. The rage John and Steve and Paul felt back in 1977 still exists in a lot of us.

5. It's fun to see that Glenn is still a nerd.

Anyway, here's the clip if you are interested.