October 31st, 2007

Ride Em Cowboy!

Today for the gay travel guide I'm writing about Fort Lauderdale - which I assumed would be a drag.

Of course, I'm wrong and not only is FL a southern gay mecca - but also a weird southern gay mecca.

I mean, seriously, check out the Florida Gay Rodeo Association.

It's like Brokeback Mountain, but in Florida.

I'm particularly amused by DJ Vinny - who is not only a member of the Florida Gay Rodeo Association but also the South Florida Mustangs Square Dance Club.

Also entertaining is Woof Fest a festival for "Bears" billed as where you will find "Men who make you say WOOF!"

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Work It Harder

I was the subject of the worst gay pick up line ever tonight.

I was at a bar and they started playing "Thriller" as part of their Halloween line up.

So this well dressed dude looks at me and says "Do you speak the English?"

I'm like "Yeah."

He then puts his arm around me and then says "Are you the type of guy who likes Michael Jackson if you know what I mean?"

It actually took me like five seconds before I realized he was hitting on me - at which point I said "I like my shit a lot harder than that."