October 29th, 2007

Crossing The Line?

While Nerve isn't as fun as it used to be in the good old days, I generally find I can understand or relate to most of where they are cummming from when it cums to sex.

And, the Scanner section is usually a hoot and a holler.

But, I'm a bit disturbed by the glee with which they embrace this item.

The deal is that a dude found out his lady was cheating on him - by going through her laptop. Armed with the dude's email address he pretended to be the girl and sent this message:

"I would love to do anal tonight, but I don't like it slow, when you have me doggy style, just go for it. I will be ready all night"

Call me crazy - but didn't he just set up his girlfriend to be raped? Call me a prude - but isn't that way across the line. And call me litigious - but couldn't she lay an assault charge on his ass?

Seriously, not much sexually bothers me - and I'm all for people getting their comeuppance, but doesn't this seem over the line?

Or, am I being too sensitive?

William Or Harry?

So, one of the young royals let themselves be taped sucking cock and doing cocaine.

Then someone got the tape and tried to blackmail the family with it.

Unfortunately the newspapers are banned from saying which young royal it was.

I'm thinking it can't be Beatrice because:

1. She's too smart to let herself be taped.

2. A girl blowing her boyfriend isn't really blackmail material.

Which means it's got to be William or Harry.

What's your bet?

UPDATE: Scratch that. Australian newspapers are reporting it's the Queen's nephew who is 12th in line for the throne.