October 27th, 2007

That Book By Nabakov...

Jezebel has an interesting article about statutory rape laws today.

Here's an excerpt:

They were written to give parents some leverage over a guy that swiped a girl's commodified virginity in a day and age when that was of paramount importance, and they do so by stating that women, despite having the physical maturity to want and to engage in sexual intercourse (and to get pregnant), are too "young" to know what they really might want. I think this is insulting, personally. Age and emotional maturity are not the same thing, obviously, and criminalizing the behavior of many, many people to keep girls from experimenting with/owning their sexuality at the age that they choose to start doing so can be... far more detrimental than helpful to children.

What do you think?

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Saw IV

Why the hell has no one uploaded Saw IV to Mininova.com yet?

Is it really that hard to sneak a camera into movie theaters these days?

I'm disappointed in the current crop of American movie pirates.

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