October 25th, 2007

The Weird Turn Pro

Remember when I told you that this weird story was about to get weirder.

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It has.

(Summary for people who don't click links. Girl claims that when she was 16 this multimillionaire dude claimed he could get her a job as a Victoria's Secret model so she sucked is cock for like six months until she realized he was a douchebag. Girl turns 21 and then sues rich dude for statutory rape. Rich dude responds that not only did he not have sex with her, but that the "girl" is actually a man.)

The latest developments are even better.

1. The "girl" was sleeping with the attorney who filed the suit on her behalf. They must have been doing it with the lights out - because the attorney had no idea "she" was a dude.

2. "She" used to get on all fours, tell the guy to call her "Old Yella" and then blow him.

3. "She" says the rich dude used to put on wigs and makeup and make "her" call him "Janice."

4. The rich dude at one point told her that "most" Victoria's Secret and other runway models are transgender - hence why they are so tall.

I can't fucking wait to hear what the rich dude's lawyer comes back with.

UPDATE: As Sodoff points out, now the girl claims she doesn't even know her own age.

Doctor In The House

The other day when Rome Girl and I were drinking outside the Vert Anglais, an older woman passed out at a table of the cafe next door.

My doctor (GP, not my shrink) has his office next door and drinks at that cafe on a regular basis so he was there quickly.

What I found amusing was that he actually slapped her in an attempt to wake her up. I'd seen people do that in the movies after people collapsed, but I had no idea doctors actually did that in real life.

Rome Girl was amused by the fact that while holding her head up and waiting for the ambulance - which took a ridiculous 20 minutes to get there - my doctor actually started smoking a cigarette.

He's the strangest doctor I've ever had - I've actually seen him give bartenders viagra tablets as a tip when he's been settling up his bill - but for seven years whenever I've had a malady the stuff he's given me has cured me, so who am I to judge.

Live Music Montpellier Vert Anglais

Tonight the Vert Anglais has a live band again. This time it's kinda sorta The Waves, but with a different guitarist and a whole new set list!

Every week the music at the Vert Anglais gets better and better - and lots of cute girls go to watch the band, so you not only get good tunes, but the best eye candy in the city!

Better still - from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. it's Happy Hour and you can get cheap beer!

And Drunk Ex Pat Writer himself will be there - and there are usually cute lesbian customers as well.

What more could you want from a Thursday night?

Vert Anglais Live Music Thursday Nights.

Be there - and see how the cool kids cut loose.