October 23rd, 2007

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Want Book On Why Man Love Chinese Woman

Many professionals are taking the leap of faith to sieze the opportunity to travel and possibly work in China given the explosive growth the world has experienced. Sales professionals (especially men) are especially curious about what is it like doing business in China. However, curiousity kills the cat! Many men (married men included) fell in love passionately with the local Chinese gals. Broken marriages were common among man 40s - 70s.

I have lived and worked in China for the past 4 years. I intend to write a book about The Dark Secrets of Chinese Woman (Title not decided yet). This is a candid, raw to the bone book that describes real incidences where Married Man dumped their wife and children for young Chinese woman.

Rock The 80s

As a treat for myself I bought Guitar Hero Rocks The 80s today.

For some reason it seems a lot easier than Guitar Hero 2 - though maybe I just know these songs better.

I do know that playing We Got The Beat and then Radar Love was the best part of my afternoon - and maybe my week!

The New York Post At It's Best

If you haven't been following this story you should.

Because it's hella weird now and apt to get weirder.

And, as I've always said, when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.

It started out a fairly simple story. A young woman sued this multi millionaire money manager.

She's like 21 or 22 and said that when she was 16 she met him and he invited her to his Manhattan mansion claiming he could help her become a Victoria's Secret model.

When she arrived he unzipped his fly and she blew him. She then kept coming back for months to have what she described as "unnatural acts" until she realized he was never going to get her a modeling contract.

Aparently this month she realized that she'd been statutorily raped.

But, now the story gets better.

Because the millionaire dude claims that not only did he not have sex with the women, but that the woman is actually a man - and the reason that he couldn't get "her" modeling gigs was that "she" is not only a transvestite, but also a bad transvestite.

What could possibly happen next?

I'm not sure who to believe - though I suspect both parties are sleezeballs.

Fast Times At Ridgemont High

Nerve has a great story about the 25th anniversary of Fast Times At Ridgemont High

Does anyone else love this movie and/or still watch it every so often?

I have it on DVD and the weird and great thing about this movie is that the older I get the more things I see and notice in it. Also, when I watched the movie when I was 13 I thought it was sexy and funny. Now, at 38 I realize the film is really dark, scary and sad. But also sexy and funny.

And it's nearly impossible for a film to achieve all that - and work just as well for a 13 year old as it does for someone nearly 40.

Plus, it's the only teenager movie I've ever seen that deals with sex on a real level - consequences and all.

Beyond that I still have a crush on the Jennifer Jason Leigh character - even if I do want to reach through the television and tell her "Please, don't go all the way with the guy from the stereo store!"

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Tonight when the covers rode up Rome Girl's ass while she was sleeping she was wearing translucent red boy shorts panties.

It was really beautiful.

Sleep Sex

When I talk to girls online or read online journals I often read about women who enjoy their guys waking them up in the middle of the night for sex (or waking up with the guy going down on them or about to fuck them.)

Yet, I've not only never tried this in real life, I don't even think it's ever been possible.

For my three long term relationships (and really, I think this is a LTR thing) all three girls were grumpy as hell when they first woke up - and would like get grumpy if I accidently woke them up for any reason. If I'd tried to like bury my head in their thighs or started to fuck them I think I would have gotten slapped or yelled at.

I wonder if this is more of an urban legend or fantasy. Or, have I just been in LTRs with particularly sleepy women?

So, girls, spill the beans. Do you like it when your guy wakes you up in the middle of the night to fuck?

Guys, tell me, do you wake up your girlfriends for sex?

What's the story, morning glory? What's the tale, nightingale?