October 19th, 2007


Tonight we went to the decadent African restaurant with Cockney Geezer, his new girl, the new girl's daughter and the his new girl's daughter's best friend.

The main reason being it was the new girl's daughter's best friend's 15th birthday.

And holy fuck did we have a good time.

This is the type of night when I realize that the anti drinking laws in America are fucked. These two girls, one 14 and one 15 were able to have Pina Coladas with us and smoke cigs and just be cool and they didn't get totally wasted.

Guess why?

Because there was no cache to them to get wasted. Instead, because they could drink the cache to them was to act cool and not get wasted - which is the opposite of what the cache would have been if they were in America and had to sneak booze.

Anyway, beyond that, it was a night to remember. Because the African Place is way out of town and an expensive cab ride to and fro I have not been there in a couple years and Rome Girl had never been there before.

Man, is it worth it.

We spent 35 euros ($42) each, for what was essentially a five course meal with unlimited alcohol. And between courses they came out with trays of fancy cigarettes for you to sample for free. Rome Girl liked the Vanilla and the Chocolate flavored ones. And, when you leave they hand you more. We walked out with eight flavored cigs each!

In between that we ate antelope, kangaroo, venison and the girls even tried jellyfish among other all you can eat treats. And there was a birthday cake and unlimited 140 proof rum. As well as giant bowls of Pina Coladas with giant straws for us to drink them with.

And halfway through the meal about five girls came out in bikinis and grass skirts and did belly dances around the tables.

It took us about four hours to get through the meal, but we enjoyed every minute of it.