October 18th, 2007

Good Day

So far:

1. Woke up and got paid by client.

2. Got good feedback from another client.

3. Finally managed to beat "Surrender" on the Hard Level of Guitar Hero 2.

4. Did dishes.

5. Got awesome blow job.

6. Got haircut. Rome Girl says it makes me look "sexy."

7. Did revisions on Tantric Massage Sales letter.

8 Pet cat.

Still to come:

1. See shrink.

2. Cocktails at Vert Anglais

3. Patti Smith concert

Thanks, Patti Smith

"That was one of the top three concerts of any genre I've ever seen in my life," is what Rome Girl said when we were walking out of the Patti Smith show tonight.

What makes this even more incredible is that in general Rome Girl doesn't like rock and roll and really didn't want to go to the show tonight.

In fact she only went because Coma White was feeling too sick to go and we had the extra ticket.

Yet, even coming from that point of view Rome Girl admits that by the third song she was physically crying because of the emotions Patti was pulling out of her.

This may have been helped by the fact that we were in the sixth row and roughly 12 feet from Patti. It also may have been helped even more by the fact that Patti is one of the best performers in the world.

The show was unbelievable.

Seeing "Because the Night" performed by the girl who wrote it is astounding.

Hearing "Gloria" is a religious experience.

She finished with Rock N Roll Nigger, but didn't sing the really offensive lines, but it didn't matter. Simply having 2000 people sing "Outside of society! That's where I want to be!" was enough.

And for me, making Rome Girl fall in love with Rock N Roll - even for just one night - was a better gift than even the best blow job.

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