October 13th, 2007


I woke up around noon with the hangover from hell - after staying at Vert Anglais Thursday night watching The Waves with Rome Girl until the wee hours of the morning.

I worked bidding on projects and responding to email for about 90 minutes before saying "Fuck this Shit!" and picking up Guitar Hero 2 - and making my first feeble attemps at the "Hard" level. So far I can get 88 percent on Shout at the Devil and 91 percent at Mother.

Rome Girl and I then showered and went to the Place de la Comedie for citron presse and people watching before hitting planet prix for some household goods she wanted to make the apartment pretty.

After that we chilled out over cocktails at the Vert Anglais and saw various peeps including The Non Jewish Carpenter, Cute Lesbian Waitress and Everyone's Shrink.

We went home and Rome Girl cooked me burritos and we got caught up on Heroes and Prison Break. Rome Girl tried watching Bionic Woman and hated it. We both like Private Practice.

Crap Email From A Dude

One of the reasons I love Jezebel so much is their Crap Email From A Dude Or Babe Feature

The basic premise is that we've all gotten bizare/shitty/bat shit crazy emails from people we've been dating. Jezebel solicits them and publishes the best.

This week's is a total classic and worth a read. Also, if you like it you can click on the tag on the link and see the last couple month's worth which are also priceless.

What Were You Thinking

A Canadian company that has the rights to sell the Plan B Morning After Pill is asking women to help them come up with cool hip names for it - and letting them submit their names to their website.

Some of the submissions are awesome including:

The It Was So Big I Couldn't Resist Pill

The Pull And Pray Pill

The I Was Drunk Pill

The I Can't Believe I Let You Inside Me Pill

The I Should Have Just Swallowed Pill

All of these are good - but I'm sure you people can do even better!

Let the games begin!

Big Pimping

The lovely Miss Expatria has now gotten 450 unique visitors to her blog and sold 25 copies of the Miss Expatria book.

So, if you cool cats want hip travel advice check out her blog and if you want to read what life is really like for American ex pat girls (and not this Year in Provance shit) be the first on your blog to catch the Miss Expatria wave!

Tag You're It

Ever since I've unlocked the feature that allows readers to tag my blog entries I've loved seeing what you geniuses have come up with.

Some of my favorite user supplied tags include:

Cock Care

Bat Shit Crazy

Pussy Grooming


You guys rock!