October 12th, 2007


So, the 2008 nominees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame have been announced and I'm bitter.


Well, for one Metallica was eligible this year but got voted down.

For another, with a couple exceptions, the inductees that got voted in have little, if anything to do with Rock and Roll.

Here's the list:


Beastie Boys

Dave Clark Five

Leonard Cohen

Afrika Bambaataa

John Mellencamp

The Ventures

Donna Summer


Now, I like John "Don't Call Me Cougar" Mellencamp, but are we really to believe he had more of an impact on Rock and Roll than Metallica? And what the fuck is Donna Summer doing on this list?


Vert Anglais Live Music Montpellier

Rome Girl's review of The Waves at The Vert Anglais last night:

"It was great. They are really good."

"They are a lot more skillful than most cover bands. They have a knack for taking elements of songs that make you love the songs, but they also put their own unique spin on it. So, it's not like karaoke. You don't feel like you are a a wedding. They have a unique sound. I felt like I was seeing a great new band - but also heard songs that I love. I felt very satisfied."

There you have it!

Straight from a professional singer's mouth!

So, boys and girls, steers and queers, dykes and divas, head out next Thursday to the Vert Anglais and check out the boys - and the dozens of cute girls who come to see them play!

The Mrs. Degree

As Jezebel points out you can now - if you are a woman - get a degree in Homemaking.

"The academic program includes lectures on laundering stubborn stains and a lab in baking chocolate-chip cookies. [It] will allow women to get credit toward bachelor's degrees by learning how to set tables, sew buttons and sustain lively dinnertime conversation."

And this is what one of the students says about the program:

"The program reinforces traditional gender roles with lessons that include cleaning, cooking and how to graciously submit to a husband's leadership. "My created purpose as a woman is to be a helper. This is a college education that I can use," Felts says."


The New Kink?

While looking at Britney Spears' vagina last night I had a thought.

It used to be that liking bald vaginas or women not wearing underwear was naughty, if not somewhat kinky.

But now that many, many women wax their vadges and go comando is it actually more kinky to prefer girls with pubes and to like it when they wear panties because it's fun to pull them off?

For me, that moment where the girl lifts her ass just a little bit off the bed so you can ease her panties down her legs is a priceless moment.

But, obviously, I'm outside the mainstream.