October 10th, 2007

From The Freelance Job Boards

Dear hypnotic writer,

Im looking for THE most captivating writer that is experienced with nlp / hypnotic writing / impulssive writing / quality sales letter structuring :)

On a idiologic level, i prefer to work with an "alpha male" guy.


Tomorrow Rome Girl is going to start going to the therepist that roughly six of my friends and I go to.

"But you are the only one of us that isn't crazy," one of my friends said to her last night when she heard of this.

"Right," Rome Girl said. "But I live with a crazy man and have to figure out how to deal with it."

I'm also seeing the shrink later on in the day. I suggested that we all come up with some really elaborate story to tell the shrink this week. Something about hunting squirrels while naked, on cocaine and worshiping "The Great Goat God Earl."

I mean, imagine if we did that. When the first person told her the story she'd think "Crazy." But, by the fourth or fifth person she'd think "Cult."

It would be the awesomest of awesome.

This is all part of Rome Girls reintroduction to Montpellier High Society. Last night she went out to dinner with The Dirty Baker and Cute Scottish Babe.

Tonight she's going out with the very pregnant Miss Darling.

Tomorrow we are all heading to see The Waves play at The Vert Anglais.

Tech Advice

If someone wanted to buy a laptop hard drive with XP installed on it where would he look? eBay? Or are there online stores that sell these things?


Vert Anglais Best New Bar In Centre Ville Montpellier Live Music

Tomorrow night The Waves are back at The Vert Anglais in Centre Ville Montpeller.

This will be Rome Girl's first visit to see the band - and I promise to transcribe her review afterwards!

As always happy hour starts at 9 p.m. and the band takes the stage a short time afterwards.

The boys in the band are hot - which means lots of hot babes come to check them out. So no matter what your sexual preference you'll get some good eye candy along with a wide variety of music ranging from The Police to U2 to Metallica to The Rolling Stones.

Some nights the bar staff even takes the stage to do backing vocals.

The Vert Anglais has a great wine list of local wines and awesome cocktails that are a great value - all top shelf liquor and all cost 5.5 euros - compared to 8 euros for cocktails made with bottom shelf liquor at nearby bars.

So, come on down!

First drink is on me!