October 8th, 2007


Rome Girl got into the train station just before 6 p.m. Saturday night and blood instantly flowed to my cock and love filled my heart as I kissed her and grabbed her bag and walked her back to the apartment.

We got inside and she showed my stuff she'd gotten on her trip and checked out the apartment and found that overall it met her approval.

Then, sex.

"I hope I don't smell bad from the train," she said. "I've been wearing these clothes for like 24 hours."

"At this point it really doesn't matter," I replied.

Then, when we got done we came back out into the living room and she wanted to check out Guitar Hero.

She rocked out as I fed her champagne and completed roughly eight songs on easy during her first session.

"Hey," she said. "Real rock stars can play after a bottle of champagne, so why can't I?"

I brought out cheese and sausage and cooked up some French appetizer pastries that we feasted on before finally going back to bed and being as dirty as we could be given that we were both exhausted and sore.

On Sunday we woke up early (like 9 or 10) and went off to the Place de la Comedie for fresh squeezed lemonaide, before heading back to the apartment where we spent about an hour straightening up the place.

Then, while Rome Girl unpacked I played Guitar Hero 2 and managed to get four stars on a bunch of songs on the Medium level.

After some not quite all the way, but very satisfying fooling around we both showered up and headed off to Blond Lesbian's Goodbye Party.

She texted that she was going to be late so we first went to Vert Anglais for cocktails and ran into Hippy IT Boy.

Next it was back to Bar St. Roch to wait for Blond Lesbian - who ended up being about an hour and a half late, so we amused ourselves with beer and wine until she made her grand entrance.

Adams Family Patriarch, who runs the bar, brought out jugs of punch for free that was laced with enough rum to kill an elephant.

Eventually we stumbled back home and Rome Girl watched the first three episodes of Season Three of Prison Break before we passed out.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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In a huge burst of work procrastination I finally added the Links section to this blog, so if you scroll down to the left hand side of it you'll see the links I read and where I get a lot of my dirty ideas from. Also there is a link to Miss Expatria's new blog.

I've also unlocked the whole Tag feature of this blog, which allows you, the readers, to tag any item you want with anything you want. This means I'm too lazy to tag stuff myself but if you wanted to, say, easily find my links to tits or cock or fetishes in the future you could do so by tagging an entry "tits" or "fetishes" or "cocks." Or really anything at all.

Kiss, Fuck Or Kill - Pamela Anderson Edition

"Wow," the Drunk Ex Pat Writer said upon learning that Pamela Anderson had married her third husband, Rick Salomon, of Paris Hilton Sex Tape fame. "Pamela Anderson has the worst taste in men in the world!"

"Pretty much," Rome Girl replied.

"I think this calls for a Kiss, Fuck or Kill game with Pam's three husbands!" Drunk Ex Pat Writer remarked.

So, here it is. You know the rules. You have to pick one to kiss, one to fuck and one to kill of Pam's three husbands. This means you must resist the temptation to pick "kill" for all three.

Here we go!

Tommy Lee

Kid Rock

Rick Salomon

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A comment on an earlier post made me think of this question.

In general, if you are doing it right, every time you go down on a girl she cums on your face. I mean, that's the basic goal of eating pussy, right? No one thinks it's disrespectful or gross or anything. It's just what is supposed to happen.

But try and turn the tables.

Sure there are girls out there who will let a guy cum on their face, but there are a lot of girls who find it gross, disrespectful or just plain wrong.

What, really, is the difference?

And... while we are at it, let's add the other eternal oral sex question:

Girls, do you kiss your guy after he's eaten you out?

Guys, do you kiss your girl after she's gone down on you?

Why or why not?

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