October 4th, 2007

Vert Anglais Live Music Montpellier Happy Hour

Well, it's Thursday again and you know what that means - the Drunk Ex Pat Writer will be at the Vert Anglais at 9 p.m. drinking Happy Hour priced pints and listening to The Waves.

The band rocks and has been getting a bigger and bigger turnout every week. I strongly encourage anyone in and around town to attend!

The dudes are cool, will talk to people between sets and play everything from The Police to Metallica to U2.

A fun time is generally had by all.

Blond Lesbian Goodbye Party

The Blond Lesbian's goodbye party will be at the Vert Anglais Saturday night.

Anyone who wants to see her one last time is urged to turn up, get pissed, have a laugh and give her a hug goodbye.

Also, any straight girls looking for a one time lesbian experience are encouraged to attend - she loves the hetero girls and you just might get lucky!

You know you'll miss her when she's gone, so swing by and have a pint or a cosmo with the original Lucious Lipstick Lesbian!

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I Can See

Having a new pair of glasses and wearing them all day was making me feel like an old fuddy duddy.

Then I had an inspiration.

When you get Guitar Hero 2 they give you a bunch of decals that you can put on the guitar to customize it.

I took the one of a winged skull with a dagger through it's head and stuck it on the middle of my new eyeglasses case.

It made me feel much better.

I Rock!

I have now gotten at least Three Stars on every song on Medium on Guitar Hero 2 - and I got Four Stars on "Shout At The Devil", "Mother" and "Freebird."