October 3rd, 2007

Trying To Be McGuiver

So, my old computer has a fucked up fan and slowly dying CPU, but a great hard drive.

The new computer I got from Tex Morgan in February has a great CPU but the hard drive is dead.

So, I got the idea of taking the hard drive from this one and putting it in the Tex computer to make a fully functional Frankenstein computer.

But... When I got the hard drive out of the HP, I found that it's encased in a metal enclosure that I need to remove before it would fit into the IBM computer.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do about that... because I'm sure there is some way to get that enclosure off, but damn if I can figure it out.

I think I'll try again tomorrow and see if staring at it gives me inspiration.

The Man

I picked up my new glasses today.

This is the first new pair of glasses I've purchased in more than 15 years. They cost a ridiculous amount of money, but were the pair I wanted.

I thought about going someplace else and buying a cheaper pair until Rome Girl said, "Fuck you, you cheap bastard you'll be wearing them for 10 years or more. Pay the money and get the fucking glasses that make you look like the Bond Villain you want to look like."

What made it all worth it is that two different people said, without prompting, "You look like Arvin Sloan" with them on.

You can't get more Bond Villain than that.