October 2nd, 2007

Ms Mystique

There is some dude on the freelance job boards today who is starting up a new dating site and is looking for someone to create 200 fake profiles to "get the site going."

How, exactly, would that get the site going?

Imagine the first two or three people who sign up and then waste their money contacting imaginary people. Aren't people going to figure it out pretty fucking quickly if there are only like 20 real people on the site?

Also, would you make them good or bad profiles? I think you'd almost want to make them awful profiles - so that the real people have a chance at getting contacted and everyone doesn't waste their time getting ignored by the zombie profiles.

Then again, if you did write bad profiles, that might turn people away who think "Wow, this is the site for asshats!"

So, really, it's a lose/lose situation.

Why not just have a good dating site concept, talk some of your friends into signing up and then let the thing grow on its own.

That way:

1. You avoid committing fraud.

2. People might actually get laid.

Just a thought...

Science Has Gone Too Far

I lost the link and can't find it again, but trust me I'm not making this up.

Aparently they are injecting Lindsy Lohan with a new drug that makes people want to drink less - even if they are around people who are drinking more.

Now, I could give a rat's fart about whether LiLo is really taking this drug or not - what bothers me is the fact that this drug actually exists.

I mean, I could understand a drug that would make hard core alocholics, airline pilots or former coke head leaders of the free world not want to drink at all.

But, a drug that simply makes you want to drink less than the people around you? How fucking boring is that? Nothing in the world is worse than being around people who are drunk when you are sober.

Worse still, your friends will eventually start to hate you - when they realize that you are the one one person consistently able to remember all the embarrassing shit they did when they were rat ass wasted.

Or imagine having to do Christmas with your extended family on this drug. I'd rather rip my eyeballs out with my bare hands.

I bet some people get killed over this fucking drug.

It's like some weirdo CIA torture poison.