September 30th, 2007


Woke up this morning and started playing Guitar Hero 2 again as soon as I had the standard "I love you and miss you phone call" with Rome Girl.

It looks like I'll be meeting her in Nice on Friday or Saturday, having a romantic night there and then she's coming back to Montpellier with me. Blond Lesbian is going to have the apartment cleaned while I'm gone.

Spent the afternoon at The Belgian Boy's Birthday party. We drank beer and ate curry.

The Gay Bond Boy was there and asked the girls, "where inside your pussy is your clitoris?"

He was shocked and amazed when we explained that it's not in there but actually slightly above.

"I don't believe it's on the outside," he said.

"When we get home I'll show you," the Blond Lesbian responded.

I'm shocked at how quickly it's possible to get better at Guitar Hero 2. Last night I was having problems with the two first songs on the Easy setting.

Tonight I've managed to finish the Easy setting and have gotten to the third level of songs on the Medium setting. Granted I'm getting mostly three stars, but that's still a hell of an improvement as soon as I got used to the controller and figured out how to hit the blue button without fucking my general hand placement.