September 27th, 2007

From The Freelance Job Boards

Project Description

Poor Quality English Writing Needed.

What I need done:
I have a list of about 50 books. I need poorly written (but original, no plagiarism) plot summaries and/or commentary on 25 of these books. Let me be totally clear: I will not be proofreading these summaries. You are allowed to make significant grammatical or typographical errors. These summaries have no critical function within my organization, but must be completed (busy work).

Let me know if I have not been perfectly clear in my description.

Vert Anglais Live Music Montpellier

The Vert Anglais has The Waves playing again tonight. It's always a good show and beer is half price for the first hour.

Ladies, the guitarist looks like Wentworth Miller!!!!!

Dudes, lots of cute babes come out to watch these guys.

And the guys in the band are friendly and talk to people between sets and shit.

Anyway, come on down, you'll become a fan.

Vert Anglais also has the best cocktails in town, including kick ass Cosmos that have become so popular even some of the dudes don't mind having a pink drink.

I should note that the Vert Anglais is tested and approved.

Gay Iran

When the Iranian president the other day said there were no gays in Iran, do you think what he really meant was that he's been looking to hook up, but because of his fashion sense, he just can't seem to find a boyfriend?

Perhaps, he needs the Queer Eye guys to give him a makeover or to have someone redo his personal ad?

Pete And Slash

DEPW: I just got the inheritance money dropped in my account. It's more than three grand!

Rome Girl: That's awesome! We can pay the rent and you can get glasses and everything will be cool!

DEPW: You realize this means I'll be purchashing Guitar Hero 2 this weekend.

Rome Girl: Well, we should sit down and figure out what we need to spend money on when I get back and be responsible about this money.

DEPW: Babe, I dealt with the electricity going out, my main computer dying, my GF being gone for almost two months, having to run bar tabs and existing on the kindness of my friends and owing my shrink money for three weeks. You know what? I want one fun thing and that fun thing is Guitar Hero 2.

Rome Girl: I love you. And when you are right you are right. Have fun. Talk to you tomorrow.