September 25th, 2007

Day four

We ambled over to Chez Doume for lunch before walking through the Antigone to the river where we chilled with a few drinks.

On the way back the girls stopped in a bunch of shoe stores and said things about shoes and straps.

We then went down the shopping street across from Virgin and then back up to the Comedie where the girls looked at more shoes until it was time for them to get on their train and go home.

I then took off to talk to Blonde Lesbian and company about the girls - and everyone seemed to think they were awesome.

When I got home I discovered that my computer was dead. I dug up my old crappy laptop and was able to contact Tex Morgan who said it sounds like a virus.

I'm now going to try to get in touch with Hippy IT Boy and see if he can figure out how to get rid of the virus. If not, I'll bring it to the Bulgarian repair shop.

Heroes Season Premiere

So..... what did you all think of that?

I like that they are taking it in new directions, but I hope they create a new "big threat" soon. What sustained a lot of Season One was the Save the Cheerleader Save the World concept and the spectre of New York blowing up.

Now, we don't have that razor edge anymore, though they could easily bring it back.

I like that Sark isn't totally competent right away - we've seen him as a mastermind on Alias, so it's fun to see him just be a dude, though I suspect that will change also.

Overall I liked the episode... but I just didn't get the same feeling of tension I got last season.

Your thoughts?